Tushar Allotments Collaboration

Tushar Allotments Collaboration

The Tushar Collaboration Final Report is now available.

Click here for the Final Report

The USDA Forest Service (Beaver Ranger District, Fishlake National Forest) appellant representatives, permittees, scientists, and other interested partners have entered into an agreement to use a collaborative decision-making process to resolve outstanding disputes related to two of eight cattle grazing allotments on the Tushar Range. This "Tushar Allotments Collaboration" is co-sponsored by two of the participant organizations, the Utah Farm Bureau and Grand Canyon Trust.

The Collaboration participants have committed to work together through April 2009 to develop existing and desired conditions and management practices to be used in developing the overall management plans for the Ten Mile Allotment and the Pinedale/Sulphubeds Allotment. The Collaboration will address natural resource conditions and livestock management on the two allotments, including but not limited to aspen and mountain mahogany recruitment on both allotments, and a plan for reestablishment of suitable habitat for beaver on at least one stream within the Pinedale/Sulphubeds Allotment.

The U.S. Institute of Environmental Conflict Resolution has been requested to assist with convening the collaborative process, and with assuring that the professional facilitation is working for all the participants.


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