Missouri River Independent Advisory Panels

Missouri River Independent Science Advisory Panels

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) - Missouri River Recovery Program is engaged in large scale ecosystem management on the Missouri River, with significant efforts to restore ecosystem functions and recover threatened and endangered species. This effort relies on collaborations with a wide range of governmental, academic, and private organizations that are working to deliver products, including extensive scientific analyses and syntheses. The Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee (MRRIC) is a group of nearly 70 members representing various interests, tribes, and agencies, assists these efforts by developing recommendations for the agencies implementing the ecosystem management efforts.

The desire and need for independent scientific review and advice to support decisions and directions taken by USACE drove the creation of the MRRIC Independent Science Program. This program is managed by a Third Party Science Neutral who manages two Independent Advisory Panels which serve to provide impartial reviews of pertinent science and answer questions received from MRRIC. These two panels are the Independent Science Advisory Panel (ISAP) and the Independent Social Economic Technical Review Panel (ISETR).

Additional information regarding the structure and creation of the Independent Science Advisory Panel (and principles used to later form the ISETR) is available here: USACE, MRRIC, ISAP Approach, Structure, and Ground Rules for Establishing an Independent Science Advisory Panel for the Missouri River Recovery Program (Approved by MRRIC on July 21, 2010). Lessons learned on panel operations can be found here.

Independent Science Advisory Panel (ISAP)

In 2010, MRRIC approved the formation of the Independent Science Advisory Panel composed of six science advisors. This panel is charged with independent science support and technical oversight, as requested on specific topics. Topics for the Independent Science Advisory Panel originate from USACE and/or MRRIC. The following disciplines are represented on the standing panel:

  • Aquatic/Riverine Ecology
  • River Hydrology/Geomorphology
  • Wildlife Biology (Least Tern/Piping Plover)
  • Fish Biology (Sturgeon)
  • Quantitative Ecology/Statistics
  • Conservation Biology

Independent Social Economic Technical Review Panel (ISETR)

In the fall of 2013, MRRIC, USACE and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, asked the U.S. Institute to convene an ad-hoc Independent Social Economic Technical Review Panel. The purpose of the ISETR is to provide advice and recommendations regarding the development of social, economic metrics and use of different USACE models to evaluate social and economic impacts. The ISETR is composed of three individuals with the following expertise:

  • International trade, consumer demand, price analysis, commodity markets.
  • Water resources policy and governance, science-policy interface, comparative environmental policy
  • Economic analysis in the formation of water and related land resource policy, development of evaluation protocols for large-scale ecosystem restoration projects

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