Missouri River Basin Interagency Roundtable (MRBIR)


The Missouri River Basin Interagency Roundtable (MRBIR) is a forum for Federal Agencies advocating for a collaborative approach to addressing issues within the Missouri River watershed.

The goal of the MRBIR is to seek opportunities for collaboration, coordination, and communication among Federal Agencies and, when possible and where appropriate, to communicate to other basin interests with a single Federal voice on issues within the basin. This approach is essential to realizing mutually beneficial objectives or when the MRBIR can facilitate more comprehensive interagency efforts that would typically be beyond the scope of any single agency.

Vision of the MRBIR Partnership

The Missouri River basin is a fully functioning ecosystem that provides benefits
for the human community and habitat for native plant and animal species

Members of the MRBIR partnership agree that the Missouri River Basin ecosystem is worthy of special consideration and stewardship because of its critical importance to human and natural communities, and that it is in the Nation’s interest to promote this stewardship through diverse venues. The Federal Agencies are also committed to working with Tribes, States, and stakeholders to incorporate public values in achieving this vision.

Scott Morlock
MRBIR Chair: Scott Morlock, USGS
Regional Director, Region 5: Missouri Basin; Region 3: Great Lakes
Term: March 2020 – March 2021

MRBIR Executive and Planning Committee Member Contact List

About Missouri River Basin Interagency Roundtable (MRBIR)

Established in 1996 and recommitted by agency partners on July 26, 2010, through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the Missouri River Basin Interagency Roundtable reflects the general intent of Federal Agencies to promote improved ecosystem management of the Missouri River Basin through a collaborative interagency approach.

MRBIR seeks opportunities for collaboration, coordination, and communication by:

  • Developing strategic partnerships by participating in cooperative projects that address complex basin issues and identifying innovative solutions to maintain, rehabilitate, or otherwise enhance the Missouri River Basin ecosystem;
  • Consolidating new and existing data by sharing resource inventories and mapping and eliminating duplicative efforts wherever possible;
  • Sharing best agency practices, identifying common issues, coordinating actions, resolving conflicts, and enhancing the effectiveness of resource efforts;
  • Exploring and committing to new opportunities for cooperation, collaboration, and action at the regional and local levels;
  • Promoting the maximum efficient use of Agency resources within existing systems while not creating new levels of bureaucracy;
  • Providing enhanced accountability by reporting cooperative accomplishments to promote greater understanding and awareness of the high environmental and socioeconomic values and needs of the Basin's natural resources; and
  • Garnering Federal focus and fiscal support toward the enhancement of resources.

MRBIR Fact Sheets

MRBIR BLM Fact Sheet
MRBIR DOI Fact Sheet
MRBIR NPS Fact Sheet

MRBIR Operating Documents

MRBIR Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

For Questions about MRBIR or Topics of Interest to the Planning Committee contact: chrismer@udall.gov.

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