Missouri River Basin Interagency Roundtable (MRBIR)

Executive Committee

The organizational structure of MRBIR includes an Executive Committee composed of agency signatories to the Memorandum of Understanding or their formal designees; general membership composed of agency staff serving as agency contacts, Planning Committee members composed of selected agency staff, and temporary work groups, established as necessary to address specific issues.

The Executive Committee and general membership constituting the MRBIR generally meet two times a year, normally in February and August. Meetings are intended to share agency priority initiatives, discuss relevant issues, determine future courses of action, and identify opportunities to develop partnerships to address - and potentially resolve - complex basin issues. In coordination with the lead agency and the Planning Committee a member agency may also serve as the host/sponsor.

Each year the Executive Committee selects a Chair and lead Agency and a Vice-Chair from a different Agency to serve a one-year term. After serving as Vice-Chair for one year, the Vice-Chair then steps in as Chair. A list of past and current Chairs/lead Agencies for MRBIR, along with expected Chair/lead agencies and Vice Chairs can be found on Appendix A of the MRBIR MOU.

The Executive Committee includes agency signatories to the Memorandum of Understanding or their formal designees.

Planning Committee

The MRBIR Planning Committee, made up of agency staff representatives appointed by MRBIR Federal Partners, will be established by the Executive Committee to assist it in carrying out its responsibilities.

The tasks of the Planning Committee are to:

  • Prepare for and coordinate MRBIR meetings
  • Develop agendas
  • Develop annual cross-cutting topics of interest to MRBIR agencies
  • Exchange information on their respective Agencies
  • Keep their respective Executive Committee members informed regarding issues of mutual concern within the Basin
  • Provide year-to-year staffing continuity
  • Maintain a list of past and current Chairs/lead agencies for MRBIR
  • Oversee maintenance of the MRBIR Web site
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Committee

Unless otherwise provided by the Executive Committee, the Planning Committee will have a rotating Chair who will be designated by, shall serve the same term, and be from the same Agency as the current MRBIR Chair.

MRBIR Executive and Planning Committee Member Contact List

For Questions about MRBIR or Topics of Interest to the Planning Committee contact: chrismer@udall.gov.

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