Missouri River Restoration and Recovery


This website constitutes an historical record of the MRRIC Charter Planning Group Process, which ended July 2008. For current information about the MRRIC stakeholder process, including how to apply for membership on the Committee, please go to http://www.mrric.org.

MRRIC Stakeholder Application Process

On Friday, July 18, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (the Corps), published a Federal Register Notice [62kb PDF, 3 pages] announcing its solicitation of applications for stakeholder membership on the Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee (MRRIC). Public notice was also published in newspapers throughout the Missouri River basin.

Individuals or organizations interested in membership on MRRIC must demonstrate they meet the definition of Stakeholder on page 5 of the MRRIC Charter and represent one of the interest categories delineated on pages 8 and 9 of the Charter [4811kb PDF, 16 pages].

Individuals considering applying for a MRRIC stakeholder position should also consider if he or she is willing and able to:

  • Support and adhere to the approved MRRIC Charter and Operating Procedures to be adopted by the Committee
  • Commit the time required to participate fully in the Committee
  • Commit to making a good faith effort to seek balanced solutions that address multiple interests and concerns
  • Keep constituents informed and efficiently seek their input when needed.

Applications and a signed, formal letter of endorsement from an organization, local government or constituency is required. Follow this link to access the MRRIC Stakeholder Application Form: http://www.mrric.org/.

Completed applications must be received by the Corps no later than Friday, August 22, 2008. Instructions for mailing, faxing or emailing applications is included on the Application.

Federal, Tribal and State representatives will be appointed by their respective agencies, tribal chairs or presidents, and state governors.

It is anticipated that the first meeting of MRRIC will be convened on or before October 1, 2008.

For comments or questions about this website, please contact: usiecr@ecr.gov. This page was last updated 7/17/2019.