Missouri River Restoration and Recovery


This website constitutes an historical record of the MRRIC Charter Planning Group Process, which ended July 2008. For current information about the MRRIC stakeholder process, including how to apply for membership on the Committee, please go to http://www.mrric.org.

MRRIC Planning Group Members

Drafting Team Members

  • Steve Adams - State of Kansas alternate for David Barfield
  • Randy Asbury - Higbee, Missouri
  • David Barfield - State of Kansas Steve Adams (alternate)
  • William M. (Bill) Beacom - Sioux City, Iowa
  • Brenda Bercier - Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians alternate for Thomas Davis
  • Patrick J. Cassidy - Kansas City, Kansas Darrell Dorsey, P.E. (alternate)
  • Mike Catches Enemy - Oglala Sioux Tribe Johnson Holy Rock and Harvey White Woman (alternates)
  • Gary Collins - Northern Arapaho Tribe
  • David Cookson - State of Nebraska Kirk Nelson and Gene Zuerlin (alternates)
  • Thomas Davis - Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians Brenda Bercier (alternate)
  • Nate Donovan - State of Nebraska alternate for Kirk Nelson
  • Darrell Dorsey - Kansas City, Kansas alternate for Patrick J. Cassidy
  • John Drew - State of Missouri alternate for Michael D. Wells
  • Fred Fox - Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation Bonnie Good Bird (alternate)
  • Joseph B. Gibbs - Columbia, Missouri
  • Bonnie Good Bird - Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation alternate for Fred Fox
  • Thomas P. Graves - Wheat Ridge, Colorado
  • Elizabeth Hamilton - Johnston, Iowa
  • Johnson Holy Rock - Oglala Sioux Tribe alternate for Michael Catches Enemy
  • Karin Jacoby - Kansas City, Missouri alternet for Robert E. (Bob) Williamson
  • David Johnson - Carrington, North Dakota
  • Jeff Kelly - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe alternate for Joe Smith
  • Felix Kitto - Santee Sioux Nation EuGene Saul (alternate)
  • William D. Lay - Fayette, Missouri
  • Jack Majeres - Dell Rapids, South Dakota
  • Victoria (Vicki) A. Marquis - Cascade, Montana
  • Don "Skip" Meisner - State of Iowa
  • Lanny Meng - Orrick, Missouri
  • Larry Mires - Glasgow, Montana
  • Chairman Walter Moran - Trenton Indian Service Alfred Slater (alternate)
  • Lynn Muench - St. Louis, Missouri Don Jorgensen (alternate)
  • John Murray - Blackfeet Tribe Joe Rivera (alternate)
  • Kirk Nelson - State of Nebraska alternate for David Cookson
  • Chairman Mitchell Parker - Omaha Tribe of Nebraska alternate for Tony Provost
  • Don "Buckey" Pilcher - Sac and Fox Nation
  • Tony Provost - Omaha Tribe of Nebraska Chairman Mitchell Parker (alternate), Amen Sheridan (alternate)
  • Mark Rath - State of South Dakota
  • Joe Rivera - Blackfeet Tribe alternate for John Murray
  • Fred Ryckman - State of North Dakota Todd Sando (alternate)
  • Todd Sando - State of North Dakota alternate for Fred Ryckman
  • EuGene Saul - Santee Sioux Nation alternate for Felix Kitto
  • Tom Schrempp - Kansas City, Kansas
  • David J. Schwarz - Billings, Montana
  • Stan Schwellenbach - Pierre, South Dakota
  • Amen Sheridan - Omaha Tribe of Nebraska alternate for Tony Provost
  • David A. Sieck - Glenwood, Iowa Elizabeth Hamilton (alternate)
  • Jason Skold - Omaha, Nebraska
  • Alfred Slater - Trention Indian Service alternate for Chairman Walter Moran
  • Joe Smith - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Jeff Kelly (alternate)
  • Faith Spotted Eagle - Yankton Sioux Tribe Jim Stone (alternate)
  • Jim Stone - Yankton Sioux Tribe alternate for Faith Spotted Eagle
  • Chairman Lester Thompson, Jr. - Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Wanda Wells Crowe (alternate)
  • Elizabeth Wakeman - Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe
  • Wanda Wallyce Wells (Crowe) - Crow Creek Sioux Tribe alternate for Chairman Lester Thompson Jr.
  • Bob Walters - Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
  • Michael D. Wells - State of Missouri John Drew (alternate)
  • Harvey White Woman - Oglala Sioux Tribe alternate for Michael Catches Enemy
  • Robert E. (Bob) Williamson - Kansas City, Missouri
  • Darrell (Curley) Youpee - Poplar, Montana
  • Gene Zuerlin - State of Nebraska alternate for David Cookson

Review Panel Members


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