Missouri River Restoration and Recovery


This website constitutes an historical record of the MRRIC Charter Planning Group Process, which ended July 2008. For current information about the MRRIC stakeholder process, including how to apply for membership on the Committee, please go to http://www.mrric.org.
  1. Membership and Representation of Interests
    1. Members and Alternates
      1. Federal agencies
        1. Federal agencies with programs affecting the Missouri River may be members of the MRRIC. This includes Federal agencies with management responsibilities, jurisdiction by law, regulatory authorities, technical expertise, and/or resource responsibilities affecting the Missouri River. These agencies may choose to participate in the MRRIC as either Lead Federal Agencies or Participating Federal Agencies. Federal agency membership may include those agencies currently represented on the Missouri River Basin Roundtable (MRBIR) and any other Federal agency designated by the Secretary of the Army.
        2. Lead Federal Agencies will be represented on the MRRIC by officials at the Senior Executive Service (SES) level or their designated representative. Lead Federal Agency representatives (1) will not be counted for purposes of MRRIC quorum requirements; (2) will participate fully and completely in all MRRIC meetings and any sub-committees or panels formed by MRRIC; and (3) will not participate in the determination of consensus recommendation.
        3. Participating Federal Agencies will be represented by officials appointed by their respective agency. These representatives (1) may attend all MRRIC meetings including any sub-committees or panels formed by MRRIC; (2) will be provided opportunities to speak at MRRIC meetings; (3) will be available to answer questions, provide information, and state their opinions and recommendations at MRRIC meetings (including any sub-committees and panels); and (4) will be able to participate temporarily as a Lead Agency when any issue being discussed or considered by the MRRIC could affect the Participating Federal Agency.

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